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I am a watercolor artist residing in Oregon. My paintings combine lively color with whimsical scenes, both landscape and water related.

I let myself dream in watercolor. I often add color where it doesn’t originally exist in the subject matter I choose.

I also like to incorporate texture through various tools and brushstrokes.

My application of the use of line in various shapes and sizes with solid shapes in between give my paintings a feeling of energy and movement.


Inspired by light and color, Mary Fran Anderson pursues places, both real and imaginary as the basis for her paintings. Her most successful art emerges from designing a painting that minimizes the use of local color and instead uses color and light to emphasize the feeling of the painting. 


Mary Fran Anderson graduated with a master's degree from Portland State University. Further study has included watercolor classes and workshops in Chicago and the Northwest. 


Shows have included the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Spring Show, Oregon Society of Artists Rose Festival Shows, the Watercolor Society of Oregon spring and fall shows, and the Women of Watercolor (WOW) spring and fall shows. 

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