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Having Fun With Batik

Recently, I have veered away from the traditional approach to watercolor painting and I have delved into watercolor batik on rice paper.

The process is similar to batiking on cloth because both paper and cloth use wax to mask areas that you do not want the color to soak into.

The process is to apply the wax where you want to keep the area white, or if it is colored already you may want to preserve the color.

The next step is to apply the paint (or if using cloth instead of rice paper, you would apply dye instead of paint).

Once the paint has dried an iron is used with newsprint below and above the painting to melt and remove the wax.

It's often fun to progress in steps where you map out the areas to preserve and paint in the areas you want more color.

Here are some examples of my recent batik paintings.

If you are interested in learning more about my batik process contact me at or through messages on my website at

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