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My First Regional Show

I am sharing this news because I am very excited to have been juried into The Western Federation of Watercolor Society Show this spring in Dallas Texas.

The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies is made up of Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), Colorado Watercolor Society (CWS), Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS), New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS), San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS), Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG), Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS), Utah Watercolor Society (UWS), Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO), and West Texas Watercolor Society (WTWS).

This show happens to be my first regional show. The following image is the painting that was selected out of 3 that I submitted.

Mary Whyte, a national and international watercolor artist, selected 90 paintings out of 698 paintings to appear in the show.

She is such a wonderful artist. I am lucky to be choses by her to participate.

See you in Dallas!!!

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