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Outhouse Calendars for 2023

For those of you out there that like quirky, colorful, outhouses, like I do, I am happy to present a high quality printed outhouse calendar for 2023.

I created the calendar from my original artwork using watercolor, gouache, and ink.

Each month presents a seasonal variety of an outhouse image with the calendar in the bottom left or right corner so as not to impair the image of the outhouse.

Here are some examples of the months of the year and the cover image of the calendar.

Calendar Cover

January Calendar page.

February Calendar page.

March Calendar page.

April Calendar page.

This is just a sample of the images in the outhouse calendar.

Calendar measurements are: 17" x 11"

The calendar is printed on cold press watercolor paper. It is very thick and durable and shows the images properly.

The cost of the calendar is $35.00.

If you are interested, contact me via email at or go to my website at and message me there.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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