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Additional products based on Outhouses in Watercolor

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

July 17, 2022

I have more good news.

I keep getting new things back from the printer so my Outhouse paintings inventory is growing.

I have beautiful wood panels of my Outhouse paintings for sale. The image is printed on the wood panel, measuring 18"x12", and it is treated so that no mat or frame is needed. The thickness of the wood cradle is 1 inch. They can be hung on a wall as is.

Here are the images that you can select as wood panels.

I am selling the wood panels for $90.00.

I also have for sale, gator board Outhouse prints. The prints are printed on gator board and only need to be framed, not mated. They are also 18"x12". I am selling them for $50.00 each.

Lastly, I have sets of Outhouse cards size 4"x6" available. The set would include one card of each watercolor (pictured below) or they can be mixed and matched. I am also selling the cards individually at $5.00 per card,

The set of 12 cards is $24.00.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or are interested in any of the items mentioned.

Thank you.













Greetings to you all!

I have some very special news regarding my outhouse prints.

Two print sizes are available.

6" x 9"

8" x 12".

The 6" x 9" prints are actually printed in card format with the matching envelope.

Both sizes of prints are done using fine art (Giclee) printing. The larger

prints have a 1 inch white border.

The cost of the 6" x 9" prints is $16.00.

The cost of the 8" x 12" prints is $25.00.

The cost of the poster size: 23.5" x 12.5" is $75.00.

Additionally, I have a poster available that has all of the outhouses pictured on it (as in the image below).

NOTE: The white border around it is equal on all sides. I just had a hard time photographing it and pasting it into my blog.

If you are interested in a print or several prints, you can contact me through Facebook Messenger, or go to my website at and send me a note requested what you would like.

Note: prints of the outhouses and the poster will be delivered unmated and unframed.

Country Outhouse


I am republishing my recent blog about outhouses because I have added several more making a total of 12 altogether.

Please take a look.

Thank you.

My parents would take us on summer vacations to Florida from Chicago. My dad would always drive and it would take us at least 4 days to get to Florida. We would have to constantly stop to use the rest areas so that my family could use the restrooms.

I think that my Dad was making a joke because he once said that I should paint the bathrooms (outhouses) as a subject matter because I use them so much!

I never gave it much thought until recently while I was searching for a niche to advance the popularity of my paintings. Then I thought why not! I could paint interesting outhouses and possibly make a calendar of these paintings.

I’m sharing with you a few of the paintings I’m working on.

They are for sale individually, in a group, or as a print.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make a calendar too.

If you are interested please respond to my blog or contact me at

Thanks for your interest.

Blue Outhouse

Rustic Outhouse

Winter Outhouse

Red Outhouse

Autumn Outhouse

December Outhouse

January Outhouse

Sunflower Outhouse

Halloween Outhouse

Purple Outhouse

Rounded Outhouse

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Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson

very cool stuff !😊

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