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Wade in the Water

A great jazz pianist from Chicago died this week. His name was Ramsey Lewis.

I always liked his work and in particular I liked his song "Wade in the Water".

I named this painting after that song.

It portrays a picture of my mom wading in Lake Maxinkuckee, in Culver Indiana where my parents owned a cottage. It is available on my website as an original or a print.

My Mom turned 96 this year and visited the lake just the other day with my sister.
Here is a photo of her at the lake.

She is still enjoying herself.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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1 Comment

Sep 17, 2022

If I can just wade in here a bit Mary Fran, once again you've brought a smile to my face with your recent painting, 'Wade in the Water.' No make that two with your Mom's photo, 'Wave by the Water."

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